Integration between an Event Management Software and an Event App

Integration between an Event Management Software and an Event App 1

Data integration is one of the in herent benefits of using an event management software or event platform. The different systems that you are employing to manage your events can all be packed together in one seamless solution. May it be customer relationship management, finance management, or Project management – an all-in-one software can easily let you handle different aspects of event planning.

As an event organiser, do you know which parts of the software are automatically integrated with a mobile event app? Here are three things that your attendees may enjoy straight from their phones that also coincide with the software you are using.

1.) Attendee list

An event management software allows you to handle your attendee list basedon online registrations. An event app may give your attendees access to the guest list as well since the software and app are synced to the same database. For professional and business conferences, it is beneficial for your attendees to see who else are coming to the event since this may allow them to network before, during, and after the event. Some event apps also have an in-app messaging function for attendees to communicate with one another.

2.) Event details

The details pertaining to your event such as the date, venue, speakers and sponsors are usually presented on your event website. If your event website was builtusing an event management software, it would also make sense that these details are reflected on an event app through data integration. This is highly beneficial for your attendees since any change sleading to the day of your event are always with in their radar. If for some reason that one speaker could not make it to the event, you can easily update the information through the software and your attendees may be notified via push notifications of the change in event details.

3.) Networking tools

Last but not the least, networking tolos such as online communities and match making solutions can also be optimized for mobile use. These app features are usually implemented in profesional conferences where interaction among attendees is considered very important. This allows your attendees to Access these networking tools on their phone and from the software it self if they use their desktop computer.

Those are only three ways by which the said software may be synced to a delegate event app. If you would want to find out more, read about corporate event software.

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