3 Tasks You Can Do Using Event Planning Apps for iPhone

Event planning apps for iPhone are commodities for many event organisers today. Mobile apps usually work in conjunction with an event management software. The software and the app usually share data through the same Content Management System (CMS) to make event management more convenient for professionals who are always on the go.

Here are five features of event planning apps that you may be interested in:

  1. Update program agenda

Through event planning apps for iPhone, you may easily update your program agenda. Any change you make in terms of the program will be reflected automatically to synced devices and as such your team members will see it right away. You may also update the speaker and sponsor listany time so that this information is accesible to the organising team.

  1. Generate mobile reports

Analytics is one of the major functions of event planning apps for iPhone. Through the app, you will be able to generate mobile reports pertaining to attendee management and event sales. This way, you can always see how your event is performing as you promote it to potential audiences.

  1. Tag and message team members 

Event planning apps for iPhone will also allow you to manage your projects along with your team members. Through an event planning app, you will be given the chance to send messages to team members or tag them in specific posts or comments. If you are taking care of your budget for example, you can simply let other team members know about your progress or any update that you would want them to know by tagging them in reports. Find more information about in event planning software or event planning software formac.

In Conclusion 

While there are event planning apps for iPhone, it is also important to take note if the solutionis available for the Android platform. Not all of your team members may be using the iOS platform, so it would be best to use a solution that is fitted for both iOS and Android. Look for a software provider online that is aware of your specific needs as a an event organiser and which can optimise mobile solutions for your team. This may help you organise your your events better especially if you are simultane ously hosting them.